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Why do girls/women with nice wavy hair flat-iron or straighten it like a religion?

Before the 20th century, women in Europe and America w/ wavy ginger hair were considered the most beautiful. Even the great Galileo wrote medical treatise on how the women of Europe could have grit for whitening the teeth and a recipe for auburn hair.

Nowadays, even extremely sound-minded women clutch their Chi ceramic irons to their bosoms like a holy mandate.

I have two friends w/ long luscious chestnut hair. They both flat iron their hair like their lives depends upon it. They have both been doing this since jr high school and are now college seniors. Either can explain why they continue the daily struggle to make their hair stick-straight at such a high cost in products, time and damage to their hair.

On days that one of them sleeps in late, I might meet her for lunch and she always exclaims shamfully ';My hair is awful today! It鈥檚 terrible! I hate it.';

My question always is what is wrong with those lovely God-given face-framing curls, ringlets and waves in the first place.Why do girls/women with nice wavy hair flat-iron or straighten it like a religion?
I gave up ironing my hair years ago. It's just what the media likes these days. I love my hair and I stand out in the crowd. We tend to get brain washed into thinking we have to be like everyone else and a majority of people are not blessed with the curls and waves. Therefore, (and I was one of the blind followers for a long time) it makes sense that so many girls try to hide their beautiful locks in favor of blending in. Once they get self-esteem, they usually stop. I know I did and I'll never go back.Why do girls/women with nice wavy hair flat-iron or straighten it like a religion?
Not all women/girls do so.

I agree with you--waves and curls are so pretty.

I love my waves.

Good luck
It's because we want what we do not have, if my hair is straight I want curly hair, if it is curly I want straight hair. Straight hair is really ';in'; right now as well.
I think sometimes people just get bored with seeing the same thing in the mirror every day, or maybe they find a style that they think makes them look good, so they just stick with it. Sometimes it's difficult to see yourself for how you naturally are and really appreciate it. Even I tend to think I look like a monster without a bit of makeup here and there, when in the past I thought makeup was pointless and never wore any. I think people just fall into a routine of doing things and stay that way.
they don't see what you see and in there opinion they think they are hidious unless they meet their self percieved idea of beauty
Well, I have wavy hair but sometimes I like having the sleek look of straight hair. I had pin straight hair my whole life then about 3 years ago my hair started getting wavy--I don't know why. Actually it's crazy wavy right now because it's humid. I like wavy sometimes because I don't have to do it to get ready to go somewhere--a little styling product, air dry and go. I like my hair both ways.
What a strange trend. I didn't even know that women did that until you

mentioned it. There are of course women with naturally straight hair that

use curling irons to make their hair wavy. Evidently, some women innately

prefer straight hair, and others innately prefer wavy hair.

Wavy hair is characterized by the abstract property of fineness, such

that people with a temperament of fineness prefer it, and people with a

temperament of crudeness detest it.

How do i keep my bob hairstyle looking good?

I have a bob hairstyle. It's just a plain, sensible hairstyle with bangs. It looked great when i first got it cut, but now that i've washed it my hair just flips up, and no matter how long i try to curl it under with a flat iron it doesn't work! I've even tried a curling iron, but it still flips up! Any method or product i can try?How do i keep my bob hairstyle looking good?
What I would do is go back to where you got it cut, and ask how you can keep your hair looking healthy and nice.

That way they can literally show you, and help you with the products,

just for your special cut :)How do i keep my bob hairstyle looking good?
i also have this cut.i love it but i find when mine flips up. i need a trim good luck
straighten it when its wet
bob hairstlyes look good?


How to restore the curl to never-permed, naturally curly hair?

How can I restore my 17 year old daughter's natural curls? She used Pantene ';Smooth N Silky'; conditioner for 3 months, with some occasional blow drying and ceramic flat ironing, and now her curls have been reduced to waves! No curl at all remains. Even after natural drying (no blow dryer, and not using a comb or brush), no color for 4+ years %26amp; never had a perm. Her hair is long (mid-back length)... How can we restore her curls?How to restore the curl to never-permed, naturally curly hair?
hair mosse??How to restore the curl to never-permed, naturally curly hair?
cut about 4-5 inches off and the curls should pop back up
Shave her head; it will probably grow back curlier than ever!
could you cut a bit off, like to the shoulders?

my naturally curly hair gets heavy as it gets longer and pulls the curls out but a cut restores the curl because the weight is reduced
Use Fantasia Leave-In Moisturizer Hair and Scalp Treatment, It works very well on maintaining and replenishing curls.

Im 13 and i wanan use a curling iron for the first time please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so im 13 and i watch a video on youtube how to us it but i wanna put something in my hair before i curl it with the iron so it won't damage it or burn it but what help me i need advice !

Q1: what should i use before using the curling iron?

Q2: and what's the different between a flat iron and a curling iron

Q3: how long should i heat the curling iron before using it?

and BTW my hair is thick and dryIm 13 and i wanan use a curling iron for the first time please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
1: You should use a heat protection spray. I recommend you ';Tresseme Heat Tamer Protective Spray';. Many people use it, including me, and it works pretty good. It also helps your hair keep its style a little. Here is a picture of the heat spray just in case:鈥?/a>

2: A flat iron is mainly to straighten your hair. It can also curl your hair too at the same time. A flat iron can make many style like crimping it or making your hair wavy. A curling iron is just to make your hair curly, in my opinion, the curls come out better looking than when using the flat iron. If you want to buy a flat iron, I recommend you a chi straightener. I don't really know much about curling irons since I don't curl my hair that much since it takes a long time for me.

3: It really depends, but 2-3 minutes would be great.

Just to warn you, since you said you hair is thick a dry, if you keep using these irons, it can make your hair crazy dry. You'll have A LOT of split ends. I have the same type of hair like you, and I straighten my hair everyday for a year. Gosh, my hair was a monster after that. Especially since I have thick hair, it's poofy and hot, because of summer. So just warning you, it's a lot of hair caring. You should let your hair rest sometimes.Im 13 and i wanan use a curling iron for the first time please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
-Answer to Q1: Buy a special spray from your hair dressers or hair shop, it prevents hair damage from heat styling.

-Answer to Q2: Flat irons straighten and you also have the option of curling and curling irons are made for curling. If you already have flat irons, just use them

-Answer to Q3: It all depends but usually for a minute. If your hair is dry then you could try using a moisture therapy sachet from the shops to give it more moisture before you make your hair any dryer.
1.I use a protective hair serum in my hair any is fine really.

it keeps your hair shiny and soft and protects it from major heat.

I use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum works great :)

its about 9 dollars or so but you can get any kind for around 3 bucks any kind works great.

2. A flat Iron has two plate the you press together to straighten hair a curling iron has a round iron with a a rounded plate to curl.

3. Well it depends on what kind of curling iron you have.

Mine has a red light it blinks when its hot. but to be safe wait about ten minutes or so.

my hair is also think and dry just use the protective hair serum before you curl or straighten your hair and apply a little after your done.

*Note: do not use to much hair serum it will make your hair greasy.

and apply all over.

Good luck kiddo :)
1. U should use a protecting serum, you can get it in any pharmacy or store that sells hair product.

2. A flat iron staightens your hair a curling iron curls it.

3. depends on the curling iron
Any product with thermal protection will help

A flat iron is a straightener

and you should wait until its fully heated.
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  • How can I get curls to last with my thick, nearly shoulder length hair? What's the best way to curl it?

    So I have thick almost on my shoulders red hair. My hair has never done well with lasting curl. I had a short bob hairstyle but am growing it back out. It's at the point where I can't flat iron it smooth, but would rather curl it with big loose curls. Please help :) Thanks!How can I get curls to last with my thick, nearly shoulder length hair? What's the best way to curl it?
    ................How can I get curls to last with my thick, nearly shoulder length hair? What's the best way to curl it?
    use a flat iron and roll it up to the top of your hair. if you twist it a certain way the curls will come out looking really cute.

    Help me with my straight hair that won't curl!

    Alright. I have naturally straight, blonde hair. It's medium thick/thin. I want to be able to curl it with a flat iron or with a curling iron. But the problem is, my hair is too silky, so no matter how much i try (even with hair spray) my hair will not curl. School starts in a week and i want my hair to look good. I would like for it to look kinda similar to Jenny Garth's hair on What I Like About You (just to give you an idea.) Any suggestions with how I should curl it? When I use hot rollers or sponge rollers over night it usually gives me too much of a curl. I want it to be a loose curl. Help! And no rude answers pleaaase!! Thankkks!!Help me with my straight hair that won't curl!
    ummm my hair is really hard to curl but it works with a curling iron....ummm try putting your hair in about 6 braids and then use a flat iron and flatten it on the makes it wavy so im not sure that it will be exactly what your looking for but it might help..try it out before the first day of school so that if it loooks bad it doesnt matterHelp me with my straight hair that won't curl!
    ever thought about perming it? just have the loose wave style, and please bring a photo of the hair style. sometimes some stylists get carried away
    PRODUCT! you need some products to put in your hair to help you hair curl easier and stay that way. try getting a curl activating spray at a beauty store. ask the people who work there, theyll know what to get for you. for loose curls, id reccomend using a 1.4 inch curling iron. its perfect for curls that are loose and wavy.
    It sounds really gross, but hair holds style better when it's dirty, so try waiting a day or two (depending on how quickly your hair gets gross, if you have straight hair, you should probably just wait a day) after washing it and then try and curl it. I have naturally curly hair and to get it straight (which is probably just as hard as you trying to curl your hair) I have to wash it at night and straighten it in the morning. Also, make sure the curling iron you're using is small enough (barrel curls normally fall out in hair like yours).

    How to I style my shoulder length hair?

    OK, here is the scoop: I have one-length hair just past my shoulders. I have bangs, just normal run on the mill bangs. My hair is mostly straight, just a slight wave to it. Medium thickness. It is healthy with little damage. I try to avoid using blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons because I want to keep it healthy.

    I only have a little time in the mornings to style my hair. I am an elementary school teacher, and I need a quick, easy professional hair style. I'd like to keep my length so I can clip my hair back on occasion. But as it is, its very boring.

    Any suggestions for a new hair style or cut?How to I style my shoulder length hair?
    make sure its layered, because can have a shower, towel dry it, brush it and you wouldn't have to do much else with it, it would sit nicely all on its own...of course a little colour...perhaps some hair clips or a flower in your hair would set it off nicely...layered hair always sits really well..up or down...How to I style my shoulder length hair?
    Perhaps have a stylist cut some layers in the back and take a few inches off, and around your your face.
    razor cut bob would look great. it would add movement and texture.

    styling would be a breeze. just a bit of styling wax ( a light one.) on the ends and you're done. or a bit of styling spray for texture and definition.
    Maybe you could get layers cut into your hair? if you find your hair boring and want to change it up a bit, then you could also just go for a different color with the aid of dye. if you continue to keep away from flat irons, curlers, and other forms of hair torture, then the dye really won't sacrifice the health of your hair to any extreme.

    I'd have dozens of other suggestions, except you said that you're an elementary school teacher and need a professional style, so..

    good luck ^^;